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Try My Second Happiness Challenge!

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Well, it’s now Week #2 of the Happiness Challenge I’m doing with I don’t know if you tried the first mission that was all about independence, but it’s not too late to join in. Either way, my second mission is up and ready for action!

This mission is all about self-worth. And if you have your phone on you and two minutes to spare, you can complete this mission right now. It’s a small and simple-sounding step, but it can have huge positive repercussions in your life. You deserve the best people around you and to be treated like the amazing person you are, right? Then do this happiness challenge and prove it!

This is your year, remember. So take the steps to show life you mean it.

#happinesschallenge #gethappy



P.S. If you’re enjoying this positive, proactive approach to life, pre-order your copy of The Happy Life Checklist so you can keep the challenge going all year long.

Get Your Date in the “Game!”

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Game on

Have you ever considered playing a game on your first—or fourteenth—date? It might be a good idea.

This month, I offered some dating advice to’s Happen Magazine about what we might actually be able to learn from our dates by playing some classic board games and card games, like Battleship and Uno.

Read the whole story here at


Look at all the BRIGHT SIDE UP love!

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Well, my book Bright Side Up: 100 Ways to Be Happier Right Now will be on bookshelves tomorrow. Which means that today is the last day to be officially cool and pre-order the book on Amazon!

The good news is, for the people who already have the book in hand, they’re loving it! O, The Oprah Magazine recommends it this month, and Self magazine recommends it. Judy Dutton gave a rave review of the book on her blog Brain Candy on , saying the “warm, engaging tone will make you feel like you’ve got a new best friend in your corner, cheering you on.”

Most recently, Shape magazine featured my book, saying you should “place this engaging new book on your reading list”:

And there was this wacky one: my face (literally) in the pages of Star magazine giving celebrities advice on seeing bright side up:

There’s been big love from the blog world, and I want to thank you for that. Rachel Wilkerson wrote the wonderful review “Reading Into It: Bright Side Up“:

And today, Stephanie Dolgoff, who’s hilarious book My Formerly Hot Life was on The New York Times’ Extended Bestseller list, allowed me to guest post on her with her “Help Finding the Bright Side” post on

And The Student’s Life recommends the book this month, too:

So pre-order your copy of the book today, or get it on bookshelves tomorrow!

Oh, and if you have a blog and you’d like to review the book, contact me! (Click “Email Amy” over on the right there, or find my info on the “About Me” tab on the site.) If you want me to do a Q&A about the book for your site or you want to use Bright Side Up for your book club and have me Skype-join you for a meeting, I might be able to do that, too!

Either way, I hope you get a chance to read the book. And I wish you a big happy day and a positive future.


Get Some Weekly Optimism From Me!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Oh, I know how some weeks can be. Ugh. Which is why I’ve just started a weekly optimism email called VITAMIN OPTIMISM and I want you to be a part of it!

Every Thursday, you’ll get an email in your In Box with a positive thought and write-up from me that’ll wind down your week and take you into the weekend with a brighter perspective. It’s easy:

STEP 1: Sign up.

STEP 2: Get the email.

STEP 3: Feel better.

STEP 4: Repeat weekly.

You can sign up for VITAMIN OPTIMISM on my homepage at, and then let the positive weeks ahead begin! It not only contains my positive thought for the week, but I also include some of my favorite websites, films, books or reports on new studies that can keep you thinking on the bright side. But it’s only available as an email to those in my optimism community. So get yours.

Write your own prescription for a dose of positivity right now!


Could I love Jillian Michaels more? Nope, not really.

Friday, September 16th, 2011

This month, I sat down for the second time with Jillian Michaels—former Biggest Loser fitness trainer, and current brand new co-host of The Doctors—for the cover of Redbook magazine. And she was as sassy and funny and smart and inspiring as ever.

It says a lot when someone you’re just sitting down for lunch with (on the Malibu pier, for iced teas and fish tacos, yum) makes you give a hard think to the big picture of your life. And who cracks you up along the way. Seriously can’t say enough great things about the woman. Though ask me when I’m in the middle of doing one of her workouts (which even she doesn’t do!) and I may, ahem, answer differently.

Here’s a small taste of the story on the October issue, but check out more I got from Jillian at This life optimist sends nothing but big kudos to the life makeover master…


A Fun, Fab Interview: Blake Lively and Florence Welch

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

For the cover of the July 2011 issue of Glamour, I worked on a super fun story.

Instead of interviewing actress Blake Lively myself, I helped pull off an even more fun feat, in which the lead singer of Florence and the Machine, Florence Welch, interviewed the actress. The two are—surprise!—really good friends. And their dynamic with one another was so fun and positive, it was a great reminder of how valuable new and true friends are. Oh, and the nine pages of photos of Blake in the mag? Stun-ning.

Check out “Ooh la la, Blake Lively Talks to Florence Welch,” their full chat with each other in the July 2011 Glamour.

Hope you enjoy it!


Inside the Author’s Studio with Amy Spencer

Monday, January 10th, 2011

I have the best agent in the world: Laurie Abkemeier, a literary agent with DeFiore and Company who also reps Marley & Me‘s John Grogan. A former editor with Simon & Schuster and now an agent for over seven years, Laurie has wisdom from all sides of the writing fence. Also fun? Laurie’s new Tumblr blog, which now features an entertaining section called Inside the Author’s Studio.

This month, to celebrate the launch of the new paperback edition of Meeting Your Half-Orange, she featured me! Here are my answers (based on James Lipton’s Questionnaire which was based on the Proust questionnaire): Inside the Author’s Studio with Amy Spencer .

And if you’re a writer or want to be? Then you must download Laurie’s FREE “Agent Obvious” iPhone App which is jam-packed with her “Agent Obvious” insights about all things book publishing: query letters, proposals, editing, writing, contracts, marketing and more.

Now, I hope I didn’t embarrass myself with my choice of superpower or favorite sitcom…


My App Hits Korea!

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

All the Koreans in the house say “Hollaaa!”

My App, Half-Orange Optimisms, is now reaching out to a new Korean audience, thanks to a new book called 98 Money Making Apps that has featured my App. Well, hmm, at least I think that’s what the book is called. That’s the cover on the left there, so if you do read Korean and it turns out the book is called “Loser People Who Made The Suckiest Apps of the Year,” will you let me know?

I was interviewed for the book about what inspired the App and how I designed it and got it made, and it ended getting its own chapter. What fun, right?

Here’s a shot of some of my chapter:

An added bonus: My App falls right after a chapter on the App for the amazing Cyanide and Happiness—and if you don’t know this brilliantly cute comic and their books (their new one is Ice Cream and Sadness), you must check it out! And get their App, too, while you’re at it, I just did.

You can buy 98 Money Making Apps through the LeeChung Soft website if you’re interested and, you know, caught up on your Korean.


It’s Just Lunch…and Dating Optimism

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I had a great chat the other day with the dating folks at It’s Just Lunch (thanks Simone!) and wanted to share our conversation with you. It went up on their sight today.

Check out the It’s Just Lunch “Singles Scene to find out my “dating philosophy” and my advice for a first date! (You can click on the image to get to the site, too.)


The Daily News on Half-Oranges: “Grab It!”

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

It was such a sweet treat to see that the New York City newspaper The Daily News found and featured my little App at the end of summer! App Momma is so darn proud. Here is the Sunday edition of the paper with my iPhone App Half-Orange Optimisms, listed under the “Grab it!” section of the App reviews.

“We all need pick-me-ups now and then,” the writer says in her review, “especially if we’re prepping to put ourselves out there.” She’s right. So if you have an iPhone and could use a pep talk in your pocket, give the App a go and see what you think!