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What’s Your Can’t-Turn-Off Movie?

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Some friends and I were talking the other night about how sometimes, while channel-surfing, you see a particular movie that you simply can’t skip past. It’s compulsive: You simply must watch it…for the 14th time…enjoying every single second as much as the first. And with all the “My Favorite Movie” lists I’ve been seeing on Facebook lately, I decided this was a list worth considering, as I think the movies we’re pulled back to again and again say a lot about us.

So what are your Top 3 Movies You Can’t Turn Off?

I’ll tell you mine, and what I think they say about me:

1. Something’s Gotta Give. I think this relates to the fact that I’m a hope-full romantic, that I love watching real-seeming people fall head first into it. And I love Diane Keaton to bits. And Jack Nicholson. And Keanu in this. And of course there’s that dream of a Hamptons house. And that meal in Paris? Oh, the things I’ve added to my bucket list after seeing this movie.

2.  Shattered Glass. This is a weird one, and I always tune in at the same spot (when Peter Saarsgard first starts asking for the back-up for a story). I suppose this is obvious: I’m a writer who used to work in magazines, and it’s so creepy to think that someone would go this far with a fake story. I also feel freakishly guilty by association watching it, the same way I started to feel like I’d been involved in a murder and cover-up after I read Donna Tartt’s The Secret History years ago. Apparently, I really like feeling freakishly guilty by association.

3. Escape from Alcatraz. Lately I’ve been tuning in at the same spot in this movie, too: at the scene in the wood shop. This relates to my fascination with prisons—especially abandoned ones. But why? I think I secretly wish I had it in me to live the life of a criminal, but I’m too moral to try, and too terrible a liar to get away with it. But it’s why I side with Clint and his gang. And although we’ll never know for sure what happened to the real escapees after busting out, I kinda sorta hope they made it across the water alive.

In any case, give a think about yours: not your “favorite” movies, necessarily, but the ones you have to watch. It may give you some interesting insight into your subconscious, too.

My Article…Improved By A Friend!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

I mentioned a few posts ago that I wrote a short piece for Health magazine about Lori Loughlin’s health tips, all of which were useful and wise when it comes to staying healthy and losing weight. But my friend Todd Bush—best friend, hairdresser, writer—doesn’t have “staying healthy and losing weight” on his radar so much. When we get together, we order chicken parms with a side of fries and oversize beers. So I had to laugh out loud when he read my story and then emailed his own hungry take on her tips, which are worth reading for a laugh.

Lori’s story, as told by me…

Todd says…

“I have my own strategies you might be interested in.”

Make the most of my time: If I cram the food in my mouth fast enough I have time left over for seconds.

Don’t go it alone: If I gorge myself dining with other people I don’t feel like such a pig.

I’ve got a secret weapon: Sleep. If I sleep off a big meal I’m somehow able to eat all over again the moment I wake up.

Forget the word ‘diet’: I did.

Pass the asparagus: To the person next to you instead of putting any on your plate so you have more room for meat and potatoes.

Snack for energy: And for a million other reasons. Snack snack snack.

My anti-aging secret: Eat lots of greasy foods so it makes the skin oily reducing wrinkles.

At home skin savers: Your Mom’s awesome soap!

He’s right. My Mom does make “awesome soap,” which at this point is not for sale. Other than that, however, I can promise you that while Todd’s tips definitely won’t help you lose five pounds, you’ll live a darn happy, funny and full-filled life doing them!