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Yes, I WOULD Buy Clothes From This Man!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

I had a great interview with actor David Arquette the other day in his showroom in Los Angeles to talk about his clothing line, propr.

David wearing propr clothes (Image: Victoria Will for The New York Post)

David wearing propr clothes (Image: Victoria Will)

The company—founded with musician Ben Harper and David Bedwell, former creative director for Original Penguin—is now two years old, but is expanding to new stores this spring. And I gots to say: I love the stuff! I got a shirt for my husband, a nice woven pink and white striped button down that he’s already worn twice in four days. I think he wants to sleep in it, too, which would probably be fine…except that I kinda want to sleep in it, too.

It was a pure pleasure talking to David and seeing the showroom, full of his vintage clothes and collectibles, all of which make clear what a true artist David really is: He paints, he designs, he silkscreens, he acts, and he’s even learning the trumpet right now. And it was refreshing to learn how funny and real he was. Courteney Cox is one lucky gal, I tell ya. Here’s the David Arquette propr interview in The New York Post.

The Half-Orange is Still Buzzing!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

I’ve been so busy lately working to get the word out on my book, Meeting Your Half-Orange (buy it here on!) and you can see all the reviews and press the book has gotten at the Meeting Your Half-Orange News & Reviews page. Some of the best lately:

On Saturday, February 13th, I appeared on the CBS Early Show with Chris and Erica, along with authors Lori Gottlieb (“Marry Him”) and Anna David (“Bought”) to talk about whether settling is a wise move for women looking for love. My take? Nuh-uh, no way. I’m working on getting that interview up on my site.

Glamour magazine featured a 2-page story on the book, the first page of which is here (to see the second, pick up the magazine’s March 2010 issue!):

Cosmopolitan U.K. magazine also wrote about the book in their February 2010 issue:

And during a major radio media tour the week of February 9th, I’ve uploaded two of the shows I appeared on, which you can listen to here: The Dating Optimist: Amy on the Radio.

Of course you can keep up with more about the book on its website, and get a daily dose of positivity at my site But the greatest joy comes, of course, from reading the book itself. Duh. 🙂


The Orange Buzz is On!

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Well, today is the eve of the official debut of my book Meeting Your Half-Orange! And the buzz has been building around it in a fabulous way. Some of the latest news?

Harper’s Bazaar put it on their “Must List” and called it “the ultimate pep talk” in their February issue.

Star magazine just placed Meeting Your Half-Orange as #1 on “This Week’s Fab 5!” in their entertainment section:

Los Angeles magazine lists the book in The Reading List” lists Meeting Your Half-Orange in their February 12 edition.

The Globe & Mail, a major Canadian national newspaper, featured the story: Orange You Glad Finding Love is So Easy? in their Life section.‘s Storked! blog posted my advice from the book in “5 Tips for Single Dating Moms!”

And there have been more! For all the clips and links, check out the News & Reviews page at my book’s web site:

And of course, if all this has made you realize how silly you’ve been for not yet buying the book for yourself and a dozen of your friends, then head here to to get as many copies as you can!

Thanks for catching up with me. And if you’re still looking for your half-orange, don’t forget to check in for your dose of positivity at