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Real Simple has the Orange Buzz!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

I had to smile yesterday when I saw this July 2010 cover of Real Simple magazine.

I love the mag, especially since my former Glamour-ites took the helm a few years ago. And the way I see it, any story about uplifting your mood orange-style is just helping spread the Meeting Your Half-Orange message!

If you want a half-orange in your life—or if you want a half-orange kind of life—turn to your optimism, up your mood, and go out there and get it! Energize your life and your love life will come charging after.

And any time you need a reminder, just turn to the magazine rack in your local check-out line for a little orange buzz.


The Orange Buzz on The App Store!

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I do what I can to keep the “orange buzz” going on my book, Meeting Your Half-Orange. And sometimes, I get a fun surprise when I find out someone else is keeping the buzz going. This week, that surprise came through Apple’s App store, when I found out that they’ve chosen the App I made for my book, the  “Half-Orange Optimisms” App as one of its “Featured Apps!”

If you don’t already have the App on your iPhone, it’s like having a little orange buzz of optimism in the palm of your hand.

I’m thrilled that someone over at Apple liked the little App enough to put it on the list—not to mention that it sits alongside cool people like The Dave Matthews Band and Apps among others. So thank you Apple! (As if I didn’t like them enough.)

And I hope it helps everyone who uses it remember that shaking up your point of view (after shaking the App on your iPhone!) can affect how you feel, who you meet and what goes down, both in dating and in life.

If you haven’t checked out the App yet, Half-Orange Optimisms is on iTunes and in the App store on your iPhone. Here’s to adding a little optimism to your day!