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The Brain Science Secrets to Stopping Procrastination!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

I got to work on a really fun piece for the April 2011 issue of Real Simple magazine. The premise: How to stop procrastinating. (Gosh, how I love working on stories that help me personally, too.)

It seems simple, really: Those things on your To Do list? Just do them. But we all know something more is going on there, because somehow we just…can’t.

Which is why, for this piece, I got to delve a little deeper and talked to some procrastination experts—psychologists, brain experts, stress and time management specialists and a life coach—about what’s really behind why we put off for tomorrow what we know we should and can do today.

Check out the full story in this month’s issue of Real Simple. Start with this utterly fascinating start: The Science Behind Procrastination.

Then check out the 7 Strategies for Getting Things Done.

I hope you find some good stuff in here! I, for one, have gotten more productive having worked on the piece, so I hope the same happens to you from reading it!


A Cool Country Chat with Miranda Lambert

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

My latest cover is out  now: My interview with Grammy-winning country singer Miranda Lambert for the cover of Redbook magazine.

Miranda and I met in Las Vegas during the cover shoot, while she was getting dolled up. My verdict after hanging out with her? Absolutely adorable. Not to mention driven and talented and optimistic. Here’s a quick taste of the story. Read the full story on here: Miranda Lambert in Redbook.

Be inspired. Be very inspired.


My Health interview with Lauren Graham

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Now that March is winding down, I realize that I forgot to tell you about my recent interview with Parenthood’s Lauren Graham for the cover of Health magazine’s March 2011 issue! So…guess what? We chatted. I laughed a lot. And I wrote about it. Here’s a taste of my interview. You can read my full interview with Lauren Graham on the Health site:

Now, I’ll get back to watching Lauren on Parenthood, which may officially take the top of my “favorite show to find on TiVo” list these days. Enjoy the interview!