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Get Some Weekly Optimism From Me!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Oh, I know how some weeks can be. Ugh. Which is why I’ve just started a weekly optimism email called VITAMIN OPTIMISM and I want you to be a part of it!

Every Thursday, you’ll get an email in your In Box with a positive thought and write-up from me that’ll wind down your week and take you into the weekend with a brighter perspective. It’s easy:

STEP 1: Sign up.

STEP 2: Get the email.

STEP 3: Feel better.

STEP 4: Repeat weekly.

You can sign up for VITAMIN OPTIMISM on my homepage at, and then let the positive weeks ahead begin! It not only contains my positive thought for the week, but I also include some of my favorite websites, films, books or reports on new studies that can keep you thinking on the bright side. But it’s only available as an email to those in my optimism community. So get yours.

Write your own prescription for a dose of positivity right now!


Could I love Jillian Michaels more? Nope, not really.

Friday, September 16th, 2011

This month, I sat down for the second time with Jillian Michaels—former Biggest Loser fitness trainer, and current brand new co-host of The Doctors—for the cover of Redbook magazine. And she was as sassy and funny and smart and inspiring as ever.

It says a lot when someone you’re just sitting down for lunch with (on the Malibu pier, for iced teas and fish tacos, yum) makes you give a hard think to the big picture of your life. And who cracks you up along the way. Seriously can’t say enough great things about the woman. Though ask me when I’m in the middle of doing one of her workouts (which even she doesn’t do!) and I may, ahem, answer differently.

Here’s a small taste of the story on the October issue, but check out more I got from Jillian at This life optimist sends nothing but big kudos to the life makeover master…