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Pep Talks from Jillian Michaels

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

In the TV pitching industry, there is a term MOP: Most Often Pitched. In my world, I just crossed a threshold into more of an MOI: Most Often Interviewed. And lucky for me, the person topping my list is the wildly fit, talented and wise Jillian Michaels, whom I recently interviewed for the November 2016 cover of Health magazine.


She has a lot of insight on eating healthy (of course) and staying fit (duh)–even getting your body back after a hiatus like a pregnancy, injury or the holidays. But as always, she also has some big thoughts on conquering life itself. As my favorite quote of hers this month says:

The middle is the answer to everything. If somebody asked me, “What is the secret of life?” I would say, “Middle.”

Here’s my full story Jillian Michaels: “I’ve Taken a Lot of Punches But I’m Still Standing” which is in Health magazine on stands now. Click it or grab it and find out what advice Jillian would give her younger self, what she really thinks of millennials, and the 3 best pep talks she’d give us in our worst moments of self-defeat. Though my favorite part is listening to the advice she gave her young daughter before her first day of school. I just may have to use some of that myself…



Jillian Michaels: “I Don’t Believe In All or Nothing”

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Time and again, Jillian Michaels is one of of my favorite people to interview.


Jillian is a font of excellent health, fitness and—best of all—life experience. And this sit-down with her, for the October 2015 issue of Health magazine is yet one more dose of her best.

When we met on the set of her new show Sweat, Inc., (which premieres Sept. 20th on Spike TV) she talked about fitness at every decade of your life, surviving failure and marriage equality. And her “trick” for approaching something you fear is my favorite advice yet — it’s at the end of the story, which you can read in full here on the website.

Do yourself a favor: Read. Enjoy. Go for it.


Jillian Michaels Life & Love Advice

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Okay, here’s another woman I love: Jillian Michaels. She’s always an amazing interview, full of fascinating information and with a fun, “What’s up, buddy!” attitude to go with it. Often, I chat with her mostly about health and fitness and a little bit about life, like I did for my Redbook Cover Interview: Jillian Michaels Gets Personal About Her Biggest Dream Yet and for my Health magazine Cover Interview: Jillian Michaels: Weight Loss Tips That Work.

But this time, I got to chat with her a lot about life. Her fearless and funny advice isn’t linked in at online, but here is what she told me for Glamour’s April 2013 issue.

Click on the image to get a readable version of Jillian’s awesome insights in “5 Things You Shouldn’t Give a Sh*t About.”

Here’s to being you!